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Stephen (Steve) is a self taught multi-instrumentalist and composer from Clitheroe, Lancashire. UK. From an early age, Steve has been able to play piano by ear from around 3 years old and at the age of 12, took up the acoustic guitar. Steve taught himself to play along to Hank Marvin and The Shadows and used to spend hours at a time locked in his room, playing along to these tunes and listening to other artists including Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, to name but a few. Since rediscovering his love for the guitar and piano keyboard in 2007, Steve has been writing and performing his own brand of original instrumental music, which some say has flavours of the above artists and released his debut album, Ambient Strings back in 2010. Steve has continued to immerse himself in the art of creating music and has now over 260 YouTube Videos and 100+ original instrumental tracks. More


Steve is also known to collaborate with other artists and is always on the lookout for good, original projects and enthusiastic project partners. Steve has already collaborated with artists such as Canadian Singer-Songwriter, James Jones, on "Heaven Can Wait" and "Across The Water", Susan Cross-Costello on Can't Stop Myself From Falling, and has also participated in a multinational collaboration with Tina Sella (vocals) and Kay Ibach (Keyboard) on "The Soul Within Us".
If you're a Lyricist/Singer and would like to collaborate on a project or add vocals to any of Steve's existing releases, use the big red button.

 Albums-   Release Date.

Ambient Strings             - October 2010
Broken Dreams             - March 2011
FreeFalling                     - December 2011
The Axeman                  - September 2012
Acoustic Tracks             - September 2012
Driven Steel                   - December 2012
Beyond Accoustic          - February 2013
Hands On                       - September 2013
The Instrumentalist         - May 2014
Subliminal                       - August 2018

Nicole - Steve's latest single, available here

Jacqueline - Piano Solo, has been released as a single. 

Can't Stop Myself From Falling - Feat Susan Cross Costello

Available as a single. 

These Hands Of Mine - Piano Solo. Out now as a single.

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